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Computer vision
Artificial intelligence based Quality Control for Industry 4.0
Internet of Things
From sensor to the cloud
Autonomous vehicle guide
Self-driving vehicles with computer vision
Robot guide
Placement and orientation of 3D elements

Computer vision

AI-based inspection system for quality control of your shopfloor. Our revolutionary, low-cost, automated AI-guided inspection system automates quality control in the shopfloor for plastic, silicone and metal components. Plug&play is inexpensive compared to the traditional industrial vision

Visione artificiale controllo qualità componenti gomma


Code reading tools can read all code types, in any orientation at high speeds

OCR computer vision barcode scanning

Quality control of complex tools, manual or automatic processes

Plastic and rubber injection molding, Metal casting, Surface finish, Mechanical assembly, Thermal forming, Functional print, Material removal, Welding, soldering, Stamping, labeling

Visione artificiale stampo

From manual inspection to computer vision

The human eye is incapable of making precise measurements, especially on a very tiny scale. Manual inspection remains a costly venture due to the appointment of (multiple) trained individuals

Visione artificiale controllo qualità

Computer Vision for high & low speed processes

High speed like conveyor belts
Low speed

Computer Vision with Artificial intelligence

Automatic visual quality inspection with AI power to help manufacturers improve product quality while significantly reducing the costs associated with scrap and reworks

Added Values

  • Reduce errors that result in poor product quality, waste, and cost of secondary screenings
  • Inspect challenging materials, such as metal, fabric, wood, and irregular shapes
  • Automate manual inspection and assembly process
Computer vision advantages

Focus on Life Science Industry

Automated and real-time cell counting, analysis and quality control:  save time and reduce risk of contamination

computer vision and artificial intelligence to control cells

Computer Vision & Sport

The use of advanced Artificial Intelligence applications in sport enables highly efficient, rapid and precise analysis of actions, conditions and environments in all sporting events.

Computer vision sport

Projects Overview

Here you will find some of the most recent projects. If you are looking for assistance in designing and implementing your software, we would love to hear from you.

Animal health

Our programs can provide for the monitoring of livestock through the Artificial Intelligence, in particular:

  • health monitoring and detection of any animal diseases
  • detection of abnormal behavior
  • sedentary and movement detection
  • feeding monitoring
Computer vision for livestock monitoring and animal health