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3D Simulation of Manufacturing lines

3D simulation of manufacturing lines is the computer modeling of a real production system. Inventory, assembly, transportation and manufacturing can all be considered within a simulation model, resulting in decisions that can maintain or improve efficiency at the lowest possible cost.

The above features enable 3D simulations to be a digital twin.

  • Manufacturing Line design
  • Robot teaching → Applied to real robots
  • Create electronic circuits and PLC programs: developer can create custom applications that access the simulation I/O points. These applications can be used as interfaces between the software and virtually any type of technology, such as PLC, microcontrollers, databases, spreadsheets.

With Industry 4.0, capturing data from your manufacturing floor and integrating 30-year old equipment into modern interconnected networks become possible. The interconnectivity Industry 4.0 enables is supported by the digital twin. 

The digital twin is a virtual representation of your factory floor which enables to include concepts near real-time monitoring and remote monitoring.

Based on the factory simulation, different algorithms such as fault-tolerant control, reconfiguration and cyber-security approaches can be tested.

3D simulation could also be improved considerably by Artificial Intelligence and make it even more efficient. The combination of Artificial Intelligence and 3D simulation could lead to new applications and technology.