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Hi! We are Logirobotix.

We build innovative digital solutions for customers around the world.

Logirobotix is a software development company, specializing in AI, Robotics, and Computer Vision.

With our unique blend of engineering expertise and commitment to open source contribution, the company is well-positioned to deliver innovation to client companies, enabling them to evolve and grow their businesses, helping them achieve even more ambitious goals.

We apply a highly personalized approach based on a careful analysis of the customer context.

Years in business
Projects done
90 +
Industry awards
Top professionals

Why choose Logirobotix

Dedicated development team

A dedicated team to meet your needs: if you expect to hire dedicated team, you can get a group of professionals bespoke to the nuances of a particular project. 

Data Expert

Data-driven approach to grasp the complexity and potential of data and develop an effective dialogue with customers.

Tailor made services

Logirobotix offers various specialized services in a flexible and personalized way to make the customer's business work.

Focus on digital manufacturing

Industry 4.0, assisted manual assembly, robotics, digital instructions: a deep understanding of our client's industries.

Medical devices and pharma

Along with our expertise in our main service areas, we offer industry specialization in the medical and pharma business.

Smart mechatronic prototyping

We offer robotics application prototyping and support in the Robotics and Robot Operating Systems.

Our leaders

Computer vision specialist

Andrea Righetto

Company's founder

Coffee addicted, passionate about computer vision, Andrea likes to make happy our partners and customers!

Computer vision specialist

Susanna Carraro

Senior Developer

The glue that binds us, the bricks that protect us,  she is our safety blanket.

AI specialist

Gabriele Peruzzi

AI specialist

Gabriele always tries his best to pass his AI knowledge about Logirobotix to customers.