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Chatbot for employees to increase their productivity

Within the Fourth Industrial Revolution, one of the problems that companies frequently encounter to secure their products and services over time is the need for continuous training of employees. If continuing education is a problem, e-learning could be a natural solution through chatbot learning.

Chatbot learning can make a more productive learning process. It offers a more personalized experience for employees and also makes learning and development departments more efficient.

Chatbot training with artificial intelligence

Chatbots are a tool that is used both in the e-learning sector and in the industry 4.0 paradigm. The chatbots could allow to build individual learning paths and monitor the learning phase. In the above example through a quiz.

With the exponential growth in the mobile device market over the last decade, chatbots are becoming an increasingly popular option to interact with users, and their popularity and adoption are rapidly spreading. These mobile devices change the way we communicate and allow ever-present learning in various environments. The example above is based on mobile devices and Telegram.

One of the great advantages of chatbots is that, unlike applications, they don’t need to be downloaded, you don’t need to update them, and you don’t need space in your phone’s memory.