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Machine Learning for Artists

Artificial intelligence in music certainly does not aim to replace real musicians. Man-machine interaction concerns all industrial sectors of the production of products but also of contents and services.

The biggest companies in the world that produce and distribute content are interested in the challenge between music and artificial intelligence. Streaming is an ideal battlefield for developing new technologies. That makes it possible to understand users’ musical tastes and suggest new songs starting from the principles of machine learning. If intelligent algorithms in the future will perhaps be able to generate music tailored to each user, today the challenge is more prosaically conquering new users.

Machine learning can be applied in all human fields, but analyzing the musical language and discovering the secrets of the great composers seems to fascinate scientists a lot.

Compose with artificial intelligence

Creating potentially interesting art and music touches areas ranging from science to mathematics to art and creativity. Since ancient times, man has always been attracted to the relationship between sounds and mathematics.

On the other hand, how can we deny that any evolution, even in artistic dress, refers to what happened before? For any good artist, of course, it is not just about copying, but about using experience to create something new. For scientists, the most complicated challenge between music and artificial intelligence is to learn the rules of musical writing, to compose songs with melodies and chords in every style.