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Autonomous tractor navigation software


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Autonomous navigation software

Autonomous Navigation in Agriculture

Our team has developed a robotic self-driving tractor that can be used for carrying objects, sowing, weeding, making furrows. It uses the images of two onboard cameras and also takes advantage of the regular structure of the rows in the fields for navigation. This allows the robotic ride-on mower to accurately follow the rows and manage the transition to the next row with a solution of continuity.
The software is based on C ++ and ROS and has also been tested in different environments, both in simulation and in the real world and on different robotic platforms.

Techical features

Autonomous tractor navigation software features are:

  • No map or location required.
  • Running on controllers with limited processing power (Raspberry).
  • An integrated computer with Intel Core i5 processor with Linux operating system, ROS
  • 24V lithium batteries.
  • Gazebo simulation environment.

Technology at the service of agriculture

The robotic ride-on mower also offers the possibility of using high-precision GPS and artificial intelligence to follow people and also to autonomously navigate from point A to point B while carrying a load.

The robotic ride-on mower can be equipped with various accessories that allow, for example, the treatment of some pests/diseases.

Contact us if you are a farmer and would like to experiment with some of these technologies.

Electric motor integrated in the wheel

The motors integrated into the wheels of the robot mower, also known as hub motors, offer better torque response, better handling, faster acceleration, and greater range. In this specific case, we used 450W integrated motors VESC open-source motor driver.