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Modular and flexible AGV

We have considerable experience in mechatronic prototyping in particular in the prototyping of self-driving vehicles.

Logirobotix engineers develop self-driving small vehicles software. Vehicles are automatically controlled through a camera or lidar. Such low-cost AGVs are based on an economical trolley and engines. In the 21st century, Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is used in almost all industries, such as factory assembly, food delivery, inventory control, and general manufacturing. For many industries, AGV has become an indispensable part of the auditing process.

Unfortunately, the high cost and complexity of many AGVs have precluded their use in many smaller industries that could greatly benefit from their use.

To address this important problem, we have developed a very low-cost AGV. This robot is ideal for transporting light materials such as food, linen, or medicines in hospitals.

agv based on modular structure

Lean AGV

The prototyping of self-driving vehicles allows obtaining easily customizable results. For example, for the construction of the frame, we also use so-called lean tubular structures which can be easily customized.
Design your AGV based on your processes, operators, materials, and structure. Find your perfect solution, guaranteed with our modular concept.

Brushless motors

Recent developments in small but powerful brushless motors have opened up the possibility of a highly maneuverable and cost-effective solution for robotics. Although these motors are made for consumer applications, they are equipped with Hall sensors, capable of delivering high torque.
These motors are designed to withstand the brutal use of skateboarders and therefore can be expected to perform very reliably in the use of AGVs. Logirobotix uses one of these very economical motors in an innovative way to provide both thrust and steering.

Low cost

The development of an inexpensive AGV truck – less than 2000 Euro, but high performing, for small businesses and light industry, allows for almost unlimited applications.

prototype self driving vehicle agv


The proposed navigation is through Lidar or line-following.


Traditional AGVs / robots are only available in limited sizes. Our robot is available in any size up to 1510mm.

Modular solution

In traditional AGV implementations, the AGV and the cart are separate, which can cause integration problems. In our robot, the trolley and the AGV are within a single platform.

Easy implementation

The robot does not need additional IT infrastructure and a single robot deployment can be completed in 2 hours.