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Computer Vision assisted manual assembly

Manual assembly assisted by artificial intelligence.

In general, manual assembly processes are still very common in many companies and the repetitive nature of these tasks makes them prone to errors, effectively reducing the overall quality of the parts produced.

For this reason, we offer software that uses cameras to guide, analyze and optimize assembly processes. The computer vision manual assembly assisted by Artificial Intelligence also offers audible and visual alerts to operators when they make a mistake and provides lead time analysis.

Reduce errors and scraps with camera-assisted assembly

First, the camera-assisted manual assembly system tracks the individual steps of an assembly process. It also offers audible and visual alerts to help employees avoid mistakes.
Finally, it minimizes rework and scraps costs on the lines by reducing assembly errors by 60%.

Our program measures cycle times and their variations. This highlights process variability and also helps engineers balance lines as well as maximize process productivity.

Video traceability of the affected area

Nowadays, computer vision has become a necessity for quality control in processes. Indeed, the inspection of the production together with the traceability of the product means that we can obtain a large amount of data to be able to correct any defects or improve the manufacturing.

Visione artificiale assemblaggio assistito

Works with a normal webcam!

Another important added value is that the system uses standard and inexpensive cameras to track objects and movements during your processes!

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Ability to catch 95% of errors!
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60% reduction in assembly errors

Anomaly detection

Anomaly detection is an important area of ​​interest in engineering. It can be used to avoid costly repairs of machines, industrial equipment and robots.


Ability to capture 95% errors at nearly 0% false positives.


Acquisition of activities on moving lines, multi-cameras and high-mix processes.

Easy and fast

Develop a new process in hours or days instead of weeks or months.