Computer Vision Quality Control on a Conveyor Belt

Detect defects in production

Computer vision on a conveyor belt detects quality anomalies such as color, cracks and the orientation of the moving object.

This application also measures the length and width of the object in millimeters, allowing for punctual quality control of bolts on a conveyor belt.

Using artificial intelligence for parts inspection avoids monotonous tasks on the part of operators.

In the quality control on the conveyor belt, the part area is used to determine if a defect exists, but AI can be applied in more advanced models to inspect various types of defects. When combined with high-performance hardware it is possible to achieve impressive inference speeds that allow analysis in real-time.


Calculating the area of ​​an object on a conveyor belt can be useful in a variety of environments. Take the fruit and vegetable sorting process for example. Traditional methods of selecting fruit and vegetables can cause bruising.
By adapting this example to the fruit and vegetable industry, fruits and vegetables could be inspected and routed based on their size (area) and color.

Sending of product quality to the PLC/Robot

The vision system is able to measure the quality of products in order to identify non-conformities according to different sets of features.

Big Data

The system permits you to analyse the trend of the line during large periods of time.

Industry 4.0

Compliance with the requirements of Industry 4.0


The vision system could be customized according to the pick and place robotics.