Computer Vision for Quality Control

The challenge!

Computer vision is the state of the art for quality control. It is crucial to detect quality defects! It is often crucial to preventing customer dissatisfaction or even damage to a production line.

To ensure a high-quality standard, constant control is today in place, unfortunately often purely manual.

Therefore, our approach is to use computer vision for quality control inspections to support the operator’s work, both in manual assembly operations as well as in fully automatic mode.


Surface imperfections and foreign bodies

Nowadays, in the production of objects, some irregularities can be tolerated, and others must be detected.

For example, shipping material with surface imperfections will cause customer dissatisfaction. Or, transporting foreign objects to a machine can easily cause serious damage to the machine.


In conclusion, computer vision is mostly used in the following applications:

Low cost

The development of inexpensive computer vision solutions, but high performing, for small businesses and light industry, allow for almost unlimited applications.

Less complaints

Customers know exactly what they are buying, thanks to detailed reports.

Higher product quality

Fewer defects equal a superior product, with a consequent advantage over the competition.

In real time

A real-time analysis means faster action when a defect is identified and consequently less product loss.

Lean Manufacturing

The computer vision allows to obtain a lean production, that is to say a production process that eliminates waste without any reduction in productivity.