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Livestock monitoring with Artificial Intelligence

Animal monitoring with computer vision

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Livestock computer vision

Image analysis in agriculture

Through artificial intelligence, our cameras observe the daily activities of animals.
This information enables the farmer to make data-driven decisions for livestock monitoring. The aim is to improve the health of the animals and, consequently, the farm’s productivity.

For example, the monitoring of the single animal allows to optimize the use of antibiotics, hormones and vaccines.

Nowadays, managing large numbers of animals on a farm or dairy production becomes critical and time-consuming when everything is done manually. However, when artificial intelligence comes to our aid, the livestock management system also becomes sipler and more productive.

24-hour animal monitoring

Using historical data on livestock diseases and correlating them with the monitoring of humidity, temperature, the density of animals, through artificial intelligence, we can establish the best conditions for animals. At the same time, we manage to reduce the costs of treating the animals themselves.

Respect the rhythm of the animals with non-invasive tools

Our programs can provide for the monitoring of livestock through the Artificial Intelligence, in particular:

  • health monitoring and detection of any animal diseases
  • detection of abnormal behavior
  • sedentary and movement detection
  • feeding monitoring
Animal monitoring with computer vision

The added value of our solution

In conclusion, it is evident that in the breeding of suckler cows, pigs, or chickens, performance and productivity depend on the control of many aspects.

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