Sport & Artificial Intelligence


The use of advanced Artificial Intelligence applications in sport enables highly efficient, rapid and precise analysis of actions, conditions and environments in all sporting events.

Artificial intelligence is used on several occasions in sports:

  • Action camera stabilization and intelligent focus
  • Personalized training plans and diets
  • Talent scouting
  • Match prediction

The evolution of sport has so far been slow and steady, but the arrival of new technologies has given a major boost in the last 20 years. Artificial Intelligence and the other technologies it enables will bring new methods of training and performance management, as well as new materials and devices.

Personalized diet

Health is a key factor in determining athletes’ performance and well-being. Therefore, systems based on artificial intelligence can examine many physical parameters of the players, allowing the definition of a personalized diet.

This is important for assessing their condition and even identifying any injuries or health problems before the athlete himself realizes it. The collection of information through various sensors is fundamental for the analysis of data in the healthcare sector, but according to the most recent trends the absolute protagonists are wearable devices thanks to their portability and increasingly low costs.

AI-based diet planning programs would rely on machine learning and data analytics to create meal plans for your specific digestive system. AI would analyze the user’s metabolism and digestive system to create an ideal meal plan for their needs. A change like this could potentially save millions of lives by preventing diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions caused by malnutrition.