Product Digital Twin

What is a digital twin?

A product digital twin simply refers to a virtual replica of a physical product or asset. This replica is updated as regularly as possible or in real-time. Constant updating is meant to keep up with real-world counterparts and any changes it might undergo. This is done so that the digital twin is as similar as possible to the physical counterpart.

Currently, digital twins are 3D models represented on 2D screens. Virtual reality allows users to immerse themselves in the environment of the digital twin. Augmented reality also has its place here. When you are physically close to a machine, its digital twin can be superimposed on it, so you can visualize the internal workings of the machine and understand its data streams. This makes decision-making faster and more effective.

Test before invest

You may be wondering why to go to all the trouble of creating a virtual duplicate of a pre-existing facility or area. The answer is very simple, create an environment where changes can be made with results almost identical to the physical space.
Experimentation is a vital part of the development process. However, it can be a very expensive endeavor. Not only is it financially demanding, but it can also be time-consuming.

With digital replication, however, you can test new solutions and run simulations with quick changes.
The digital twin helps companies make changes to existing production equipment, minimizing downtime. It is created with data and layout identical to the original, allowing experts to remotely access vital information about the physical asset simply by working on the digital twin. 

Create the digital twin of your product or process

There are many ways to take advantage of your 3D assets. They will improve your customer’s experience and make your products more engaging.

Creating interactive, realistic, and unforgettable moments for clients in Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Develop unlimited marketing materials with your digital twin.  Enhance your printed and digital content.

Your digital twin takes on a life of its own in the metaverse. Reuse it over and over for all aspects of your product lifecycle. Infinitely.