Text recognition


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AI for Text Recognition

Recognition of the text on the label

Nowadays, there are numerous applications of optical text recognition and character recognition that any company handling physical documents will benefit from using it. In particular:

Character recognition is also present in:

  • Reading the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on numerous parts of the car
  • Reading handwritten characters
  • Identification of special characters
  • Traceability of printed or handwritten text
  • Reading and registration of car plates
  • Data entry

Industrial applications

We know that character recognition applications are often used in industry. Frequent industrial character recognition applications are:

  • Reading characters in the form of scraping or embossing on a metal surface
  • Reading from surfaces such as plastic or glass
  • Read the label or print on the product
  • Checking various characters on moving products on a conveyor belt
  • Verify information such as serial number, expiration data
  • Verification of information such as chassis number, VIN, product code