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We are Logirobotix

Artificial Intelligence Solutions applied in Manufacturing

With Artificial Intelligence solutions implemented by Logirobotix, the Factories of the Future can detect defects throughout the production process, deploy predictive maintenance to reduce downtime,¬†respond to real-time changes in demand across the supply chain, reduce costs of small-batch or single-run goods, enabling greater customization, improve employee satisfaction by shifting mundane tasks to machines…

Benefits for your business

Leading Complex Projects

Developments in artificial intelligence technologies, from basic Machine Learning to advanced Deep Learning models, have made it capable of solving complex problems.

Minimizing Errors

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies can further mitigate human factor errors to improve safety and performance.

Quality Control

Artificial intelligence is extremely useful for performing predictive maintenance on machinery and equipment. Machines can learn to predict malfunctions and failures.


Machine learning solutions rely on networks, data, and technology platforms. The security of these systems and data is critical and machine learning can play a role by regulating access to valuable digital platforms.

What we offer

Artificial Intelligence

We develop artificial intelligence solutions to make companies competitive in a constantly evolving market. We have completed more than 1000 projects developing artificial intelligence solutions for manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, public sector, transportation and logistics

Extended Reality

We are experts in developing solutions based on augmented reality and virtual reality for Industry 4.0. Our applications are used for training, equipment maintenance, assembly, and quality control.

IoT Lab

We are committed to providing fully functional, customizable, and cost-effective open source IoT solutions.