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Artificial intelligence to help companies: Sentiment Analysis and brand monitoring

The power of artificial intelligence lies not only in identifying all the online content that mentions your company, but also in the ability to process this content to understand the “feeling” behind every comment, post, review or quote.

Particular forms of artificial intelligence are designed to carry out a text analysis capable of attributing a positive or negative score to digital content. We are talking about the so-called Sentiment Analysis, a field of NLP that deals, specifically, with Opinion Mining and to do so is based on the methods of computational linguistics and textual analysis.

In these cases we are faced with forms of conversational artificial intelligence, AI capable of processing the text and going well beyond mere mention, understanding, through the analysis of the entire sentence and the semantic context, what the meaning with which it was written.

Therefore with the support of the AI, we can analyze and monitor the network and the different platforms to get a snapshot of your online Web Reputation.

The creation and measurement of the creation of a brand passes through several indicators that contribute to a status. Here the main indicatiors of the Web Reputation:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Market positioning
  • Social positioning
  • Online news positioning

How to improve the web reputation

In Logirobotix there is a specific division that aims to permanently resolve and delete every single fragment that is no longer updated and satisfactory for your needs. Not only! We constantly work on optimizing your site, your positioning, and indexing on search engines and social networks. We monitor and identify specific targets for your campaigns and much more!


Analyze sentiment towards specific aspects of your business


Following social media conversations helps you learn what customers are saying about your product or service!